Pinarello Bicycles

Pinarello Bicycles winner of the Tour de France 13 times!!! Period......What else is there to say?  Pinarello have partnered with professional cyclists for more than 5 decades.  The Pinarello Prince was chosen Bike of the Year by Bicycling Magazine in '09 for record setting 3rd year in a row.  The Pinarello Rokh, Dogma F8 & F10 have held that same distinction.  Innovation and tradition are what separate Pinarello from the rest of the Italian brands and every other racing bicycle on the market.  From integrated headsets to integrated carbon seat stays, Pinarello has set bar for the rest of the "innovators" to reach.  With todays Asymmetrical System, and Unda Stays, they are still setting the bar higher than every other manufacturer! Pinarello is one of the most winningist bikes in the peleton.   Their bicycles have been ridden to victories all over the world by teams like Sky Pro Cycling, Movistar, Reynolds, Telecom, Bissell, Lotto Honda.

While Pinarello is ridden by some of the best cyclists in the world, they also support the future of this sport, and there are indeed many amateur teams from all over the world , female teams, and junior teams that pedal, toil and win with a Pinarello.

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