LAB Traffic Safety 101

Cyclists fare best when they act as and are treated as drivers of vehicles.” The League of American Bicyclists uses this approach as the basis of their cycling education programs. Their course, TS101, provides instruction and guidance in the basic principles of vehicular bicycling. The course includes 8 hours of classroom discussion and parking lot activities, combined with on-road practice of the principles of vehicular bicycling. Course instructors are certified by the League of American Bicyclists who have years of cycling experience and specific training.

In this course, you will learn about:

  • Choosing an appropriate bicycle, how your bike works, and the basics of maintaining it
  • Skills to ride and control your bike, especially focused on hazard avoidance maneuvers
  • Cycling clothing and accessories, and the importance of helmets
  • Obeying and following rules of the road and traffic principles

Course cost is $55.

For more information contact me, Ed Preston at Bike King 215-736-3350 or the instructor Les Leathem at or 609-578-0625.

Here is a quick video of what to expect  in class:

On April 10 & 11, we will be hosting LAB Traffic Safety 101.  This is certified instruction consisting of 8 hours of combined class and riding drills.  The class will be taught by 2 League Cycling Instructors.  The class will be broken up into 2 days.  Friday 5/29 6:00-9:00pm & Sat 5/30 10:00-3:00pm.  Times subject to change as schedule determines.  Completion of both days is required to earn a certificate of completion.  The cost is $55.00 and includes all class materials and light snacks.  Class size is limited to 16 riders.

Here are some useful link:

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