Fantasy Tour

2016 Tour MapWelcome to Bike King's 7th Annual Fantasy Tour De France Race.  Its easy, you are the Directeur Sportif, and you choose who rides for you.  Remember when Chris Horner didn't make the team 6 years ago and you slapped yourself in the fore head and thought, "What a stupid move", like I did.  Now is your chance to right that wrong.  Here is how it works, You pick 9 riders from the the official team roosters, and you earn points according to how they finish on each day of the 2017 Tour.  We will track everyones progress daily. After the last exciting stage, we will tally the totals and award the top 10 finishers some really great prizes.  The total purse is $700.00 including: helmets, kits and jerseys,  tires, Gift cards, and more.  The cost is $15.00.  Entry forms and a complete set of rules, and are available at Bike King, or email  You can enter as many teams as you like.  Team registration opens on 6/6/17and closes 7/1/17.  Have fun and good luck.